‘The first impression is the best impression’. Any company, big or small, creates a magnanimous first impression on its staff and clients alike if its décor is one that is attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Why so? Because your décor is the first thing that any client/staff looks at when they step into office and the impact it creates should be a lasting one. And décor does not include only great interiors but the most important of them all; furniture and fixtures.

A company cannot invest a large amount on furniture as soon as they have commenced. But class, comfort and convenience cannot be compromised upon. Keeping this in mind, Trade Agencies has been involved in the activity of office furniture and fixture rentals for more than 28 years, making it one of the most wanted and most reliable in the business of hiring.
Our range of services includes the following:

* Furniture Hiring(Rentals)

* Corporate Furniture Hiring(Rentals)

* Guest House Furniture Hiring(Rentals)

* Fixtures Hiring(Rentals)
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What, you ask, is our USP? Our service and the kind of quality furniture products we provide as rentals. Over the years, we have amassed more than 500 small, medium and large business houses who are our most respected clients. Enfield, Ford, Hyundai, Hanil Lear, HCL, MFL, Matsushita Air Conditioning India Ltd., Petro Araldite, Mascon Global, Office Tiger, GRO, Mahindra acres, NICCO UCO, City Corp, Tupperware, Amararaja Batteries Limited, Arvin Exhaust,RR Donnelley, Caparo Engineering Limited, Centurion Bank of Punjab, Group Global services Limited, Flextronics Technologies Ltd., HWL Cargo Ltd.,Wolverine World wide, Loss of Ecology, GE International Inc., Ennore Foundries and Visteon form a few of this major group of clients who hire our office furniture’s for their corporate needs.

Trade Agencies is the pioneer in the furniture rental business and has stood tall all these years, providing quality, customized service to all its corporate clients, individually. We also constantly keep improvising and innovating to keep ourselves updated with the latest furniture trends in the market.

Our custom office furniture, we guarantee you, will be provided to fit your requirement and we will make sure you are satisfied with what you get. Every little detail will be looked into to make sure you get exactly what you need.

At the end of it all, we are looking forward to adding your name to our list of clientele and would like to ‘cater to your furniture and fixture needs in total’